Laramie Homeless at 110, Down From Last Year

Heck Boutwell, a 32-year old originally from Alabama, is an unsheltered, homeless person in Laramie. He has spent the past four weeks living under a bridge in West Laramie. Boutwell is not a typical homeless person, he said, adding that he embraces the lifestyle. “This is usually what I do – this is my routine. I camp out for three weeks and then either find a job and apartment or move on,” Boutwell said.

Wyo. Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal

Excitement was murmured throughout the Wyoming Equality organization, Jean Artery, who is chairman of the group, said. The pro-gay marriage group, along with four other couples, filed a lawsuit against the state of Wyoming in March to help speed up the process of marriage equality in the state, Artery said. “I think if you would have asked three weeks ago, I would have thought it would be six months to one year out to winning freedom to marry,” he said. “It will be a tremendous week and great step in the right direction for Wyoming.”

Another man’s treasure: ‘If I’m feeling down or something, I’ll go dumpster diving’

Skye Swoboda-Colberg began dumpster diving eight years ago when he was in high school and he continues the practice today as a UW graduate student. “I rode my bike to Safeway and there’s this alleyway out back, and one day I just kept going and noticed dumpsters and looked in and low and behold I found something,” he said. “I kept going back and finding stuff, and it developed from there.”

Court finds Probable Cause in Sexual Assault Case involving UW Student

In a preliminary court hearing yesterday, Albany County Judge Robert Castor found probable cause that UW student, Jordan McGuire, committed sexual assault on the night of November 21. “The court does find that there is probable cause to believe that the offense of sexual assault in the first degree…was probably committed, and furthermore, the defendant here in charged, Jordan Lee McGuire, is probably the person who committed that offense,” Castor said.

Depression: more than just a lack of “will”

As a result of recent student suicides at UW, Corine Gardner felt lingering feelings of her depression creep up. “Its really hard when you have thoughts about suicide to see someone actually commit suicide,” she said. “I think that it hurts because you are fighting this battle and you see somebody else losing that battle.” Beginning in January, Gardner’s depression had her fighting each day, each hour, each minute, constantly feeling like she was losing to her emotions.